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Top 50 iPhone Blogs

by articles on January 5, 2011

If you are in love with your iPhone then you may as well celebrate your joy by reading about it nonstop. There are tons of blogs dedicated to the phone of the millennium, but there are 50 that get the most attention. Let’s see what they are!

1. 71 Squared

This blog is filled with “the ramblings of two 30-something developers.” Luckily their ramblings are packed with insightful information about how to creating games, apps and more for the iPhone.

2. AppBank

Love being ahead of the curve? This blog will give you access to all of the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps as they’re released, also given you a chance to offer your reviews.

3. appSIZED

A fun blog with great iPad and iPhone app reviews, iPhone game reviews, technology news, giveaways and more.

4. Best App Site

Sometimes we need a little guidance when trying to find the best iPhone apps, which is why many find this blog particularly valuable.

5. Biggest Guru

If you’re all about iPhone, Mac, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Internet and software, this is the blog for you.

6. Calling All Geeks

If you’re a geek then this blog is calling you. It offers everything you want related to iPhones, iPads, apps and more.

7. Cocoanetics

Get your daily dose of iPhone and iTunes development information.

8. Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

Blog dedicated to iPhone programming and a passion for programming on the Macintosh.

9. Cocoa with Love

Enjoy this enticing blog that discusses news and issues related to Mac applications, including iPhone development.

10. CS 193P iPhone Application Development

This great blog gives you access to notes from a class given at Stanford on iPhone development.

11. Cynthia: My life, My Glass, My Sculpture

This web marketer and sculptor blogs about iPhones, computers, photography and what’s going on in her life.

12. DCI

Cool technology blog from Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a premier IT company located in India. The blog focuses on a number of topics, including Skype and the iPhone.

13. Dev-Team Blog

Read the latest development news and learn some iPhone development tips and tricks.

14. Everything iCafe

Great blog that offers reviews, news, apps and more for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android.

15. HK Apple iPhone

This Chinese blog is mostly focused on Apple and iPhone software releases. But if you don’t read Chinese should be translated with help of Google Translation.

16. How to Make iPhone Apps

Endless beginner’s tips on iPhone and Cocoa-Touch programming.

17. iCodeBlog

In need of the lastest iPhone development tutorials? The iCodeBlog can provide you with the tips and tutorials you need.

18. iGriza

A husband and wife team that are self-proclaimed “diehard iPhone geeks” write about cool iPhone and Mac software reviews, tips and tricks, in addition to what’s going on with their family.

19. iLounge

Find reviews, accessories, photos, software and more for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

20. Inspiration Track

A blog created by a software consultant who loves iPhone, Android, Google Phone, Twitter, Facebook general social media and just about anything related to them.

21. iOS Dev Center

Great resource for registered Apple developers looking to access iOS SDK 4 for developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch applications.

22. iPhoneDev

Take notes and chime in on this blog that specializes in iPhone application development, graphic design and mobile application user interface design.

23. iPhoneDevelopmentBits.com

Take advantage of the latest news on iPhone development along with resources that help programmers rise to the top of their game.

24. iPhoneMY

Great safe haven for iPhone owners and enthusiasts who are looking for the latest news and information on Apple iPhones and iPads.

25. iPhone Atlas

Get the latest info on iPhone apps, fixes, hacks and more.

26. iPhone Dev SDK

Join this community of software developers who are infatuated with the iPhone SDK platform.

27. iPhone Developer Tips

The author of best-selling mobile developer book, CoreJ2ME, offers tips on iPhone development via this insightful blog.

28. iPhone Development

Get great development tips not just on iPhone and Mac, but also on the iPad and Android.

29. iPhone Development Blog

This blog was launched the same day the official iPhone SDK was launched by Apple. It is one of the oldest blogs dedicated to iPhone SDK development and has over 25,000 monthly unique visitors–maybe you could be next.

30. iPhone Download Blog

Blog touches on a number of topics, including iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, iTunes, Apple, Jailbreak while offering tutorials, reviews and other hacks.

31. iPhone Freak

You’ll love this blog, which is an independent provider of information about the iPhone, its accessories and related products.

32. iPhone Hacks

All the hacks you need for your iPhone.

33. iPhone Matters

If you’re starting with an iPhone and a blank slate, this is the best blog about everything to do with the your phone. There’s even a dedicated forum to have any questions answered.

34. iPhone Therefore I Blog

This blog is offered by Chicago Now and written by self-proclaimed iPhone guru Scott Kleinberg. He offers recommendations, reviews and more about the love of his life.

35. iPhone Tutorial

Interested in building mobile applications for the Apple store? This blog can help you get started.

36. iPhone Tutorials & iPhone Development

Enjoy this comprehensive resource for iPhone SDK development, which includes iOS4, iPad programming tips and a 12-week iPhone development course.

37. iPhone World

Explore this Canadian blog, which is a prime source of information on the iPhone.

38. iSpazio

This Italian blog is dedicated to just about anything iPhone related. It has a healthy following, but like HK Apple iPhone, it needs to be translated if you don’t read Italian.

39. Kim’s iPhone Blog

Kim is a photographer who loves to display her beautiful works snapped via her iPhone. Check it out!

40. Life in LoFi: iPhoneography

iPhone photography (iPhoneography) is the latest craze. Check out this cool blog that teaches how to take amazing photos with an iPhone.

41. Little Tech Girl

If you’re a chick who’s into iPhones, WordPress and general technology, this may be the blog for you.

42. Making WordPress for iOS

Get the opportunity to learn how to create open source apps for iPhone.

43. ManiacDev.com

Learn about iOS, how to develop applications and much more for the iPhone.

44. Mobile Orchard

This is known as one of the best iPhone development blogs out there, offering comprehensive advice and how-tos for the masses.

45. netinfluence

Another great technology blog to follow if you’re an iPhone enthusiast.

46. Ray Wenderlich

iPhone and iPad development blog created by freelance software developer and founder of iPhone development studio Razeware.

47. The Gadget Cube

You’ll enjoy this business and technology blog produced by the Central Penn Business Journal, which focuses on gadgets, iPhone and Google apps and more.

48. TiPb

TiPb is known as the #1 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch blog on the Internet. Find out why!

49. Top iPhone News

Great blog with news, hacks, reviews, downloads and more for the iPhone and iTunes.

50. Voice of Allerin

A blog from an international software solutions and integration services provider that offers insight into Allerin technology for iPhone.


Top 50 Android Blogs

by articles on January 5, 2011

Android is the latest software stack to take the mobile world by storm. With its impressive desktop features, connectivity, browsing capabilities and personalization options, it’s no wonder users have fallen in love. Tons of people have taken to the blogosphere to show their appreciation for the Android. Here are the top 50 to make note of.

1. And Geeks

This is a great one-stop shop for just about anything you want to know related to Andorid. The blog includes interviews, reviews, how-tos and much more.

2. Andro and Geek

Android is definitely the focal point of this fun blog, which includes additional topics like iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones.

3. Android A Lot

This blog calls itself the “ultimate blog for Android phone owners,” meaning that it is a great resource for tutorials, news, applications and anything else users need.

4. Android & Amir

Amir Ballarat shares his firsthand experiences with Android as he studies for his Master’s Degree in Information Technology.

5. Android and Me

Very comprehensive blog that focuses on Android but touches on numerous forms of technology while offering accessories and phones to buy and forums to get more Android information.

6. Android Authority

Read great development tips, news and reviews from this authority in Android smartphones.

7. Android Central

Get the latest news, app reviews and development tips with access to products like batteries, chargers and cases from this popular Android blog.

8. Android Community

A comprehensive blog that explores all the ins and outs of owning and developing for Android.

9. Android Developers Blog

Get all the tips and resources you need if you’re looking to develop for Android.

10. Android Development

Take a look at tons of new Android applications while getting updated news and tips on how to develop for the software stack.

11. Android Development Talk

A blog created and maintained by [x]cubeLABS, a mobile application development company that has mastered the technicalities of Android application development.

13. Android Development with Mavern

This blog is the baby of Wakaleo Consulting, a New Zealand-based company that offers expertise in web applications and knows the ins and outs of Android.

14. Android Guys

This blog got its start the very day that Google announced that Android would be released and has been a leading resource for tech reviews and previews ever since.

15. Android Hot

If you’re looking for reviews and development news for the Android, you’ve reached the right place.

16. Android News Blog

Cool blog with tons of news and information from bloggers who are “big fans of Google Android.”

4. Android Pit

Explore this blog, which offers survey results, news features and much more related to Android.

17. Android Tapp

Tons of great news, apps, interviews and more, including the Ask NerdGirl feature that allows you to submit questions and read her responses in her column.

18. Android Zine

You’ll enjoy this online magazine and blog dedicated to everything Android.

19. Andronica

There’s nothing like receiving guidance with new and exciting applications. This fun blog takes time to offer tips on ways to properly use various Android apps.

20. Better Android Apps

If you want updated information and screenshots of new apps created by the maker of Better Keyboard, this is the blog for you.

21. Designer Android

Anyone who wants to know what this blog is about, just remember “Matthias Shapiro & Jason Alderman Attempt a Design-Centric Android Blog.” It’s actually a very cool idea.

22. Digital Fan Girl

This mother of two shares her instructional technology expertise and love for, as she puts it, “Blackberry ANDROID…”

23. Droid Blog

Get the latest updates, reviews and news on oncoming games related to Android.

24. Droid Dog

This blog has a huge fan following and for good reason. It not only brings the latest updates on Android, but also focuses on Chrome “and everything Google.”

25. Droid Life

Stunning blog that offers reviews, news, tips, videos and fun contests to Android junkies.

26. Eurodroid

This blog offers “Smartphone news from not-America,” which is really cool. Get the latest updates, preview videos, product releases and more from a European perspective.

27. Gadget Review

If you’re looking for reviews of Android apps and games, in addition to Blackberry, iPhone and just about any gadget you can think of, this is the blog for you.

28. GigaDroid

A well-rounded blog that touches on everything related to Android, including phones and apps.

29. Google Android Blog

Enjoy news, hacks and great resources related to Android.

30. Hello Android

In addition to offering tutorials, forums and an application database, this blog offers fun Android-related stories.

31. iMAndroid

Get the latest news about and information for Android from this Blogs.com top 10 blog. And if you want to know about other technology, breeze over to the “Not Just Android” section for a comprehensive fix.

32. Mike dg Android Blog

Cool blog filled with news and thoughts regarding Android from blogger Mike dg.

33. MobileBytes

There’s nothing like a cool funky blog dedicated to Android development to get the technology junkies excited about their next app or game.

34. Mobile Android News

This lavishly-designed blog offers all of the latest news on the G1 Phone and the Android Mobile OS.

35. My Life with Android

While blogs that offer news and reviews are great, sometimes it’s fun to delve into personal diaries. If you like this type of blog, My Life with Android will be the perfect blend of personal adventure and Android platform discussion for you.

36. Phandroid

You aren’t a fan of Android if you don’t stop by Phandroid, the first documented Android news site, started in 2007 and offering reviews, commentary and much more.

37. Planet Android

Enjoy the latest news about Android while learning how to become a better developer for the software.

38. Silicon Valley Google Android Developers Blog

There’s not much better in the tech world than having the Silicon Valley group of developers provide informative posts on Android, Google and development.

39. Simply Droid

This “Unofficial Android Blog” offers a wealth of information about the software stack, including application info, development tips, how-tos, reviews and news. There are also great contests and videos to take advantage of.

40. Sizzled Core

This “daily dose of Internet organics” offers great insight into a number of technologies, including Android, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and more.

41. Talk Android

Sometimes, when you’re in love with a phone, bit of software or operating system, you can’t keep it to yourself. This is why the Talk Android blog exists. If you need to get your love of Android off of your chest, this is the blog for you.

42. TechCredo

Gain Android insight from this blog that focuses on “comprehensive guides, tutorials and articles, rather than news and frequent minor posts.”

43. Technorati

This blog offers a number of “channels,” including one for Android, which offers the latest posts on development, carriers, devices and bug fixes.

44. The Android Blog

Blog dedicated to the ins and outs of Android that includes app reviews, news and articles.

45. The Android Developer Forum Blog

Great for Android owners and developers, this blog offers tons of great information, including details for browsers, tablets and the HTC debut.

46. The Google Phone Blog

Google’s new Nexus One is exciting to any phone junkie. This blog offers news, apps, reviews, how-tos and more related to this phone and Android as a whole.

47. Tim Hoeck’s Android Blog

The maker of EventGhost for Android has created a very useful blog for current developers and those with development aspirations.

48. Verizon Droid

You can’t help but enjoy a blog dedicated to Verizon Droid, which includes Motorola Droid and HTC Eris Droid.

49. Verizon Motorola Droid X Blog

This blog is totally dedicated to what the blog deems the best phone Motorola has come up with: the Motorola Droid X. If you have or want this phone, this is the blog for you.

50. Women with Droids

As noted by the blog authors, if you are in love with robots, this isn’t the blog for you. You must be a woman in love with Motorola Droid smartphones (and other Android devices) to join this club.


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