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Tracfone Promotional Codes and coupons updated for October , 2011

TracFone is one of the most established wireless cellphone service providers in the United States, having been originally established in 1996 under the name Topp Telecom and then evolving into the leading brand under the América Móvil umbrella. Although the TracFone company is also responsible for Net10, Safelink and Straight Talk brands, each service operates individually, has its own call charges and even uses different networks. The Tracfone prepaid cellphone service is one of the most versatile on the market and even though it does not offer a comprehensive unlimited service, offers one of the most flexible schemes available.

Pros of using TracFone Wireless

No activation or service fees.

Economic when utilizing the “Double Minutes” facility.

Domestic rates charged for selected international destinations.

Cons of using TracFone Wireless

Expensive text messaging service.

No support (yet) for hi-tech devices.

No comprehensive unlimited monthly plans.

TracFone Pay-as-you-go

The Tracphone Pay-as-you-go option uses a system whereby the more minutes that are purchased, the cheaper they become. A comprehensive range of prepayment cards are available from over 70.000 retailers nationally or online, and come in denominations starting at $9.99 which offer 30 minutes of airtime and 30 days of service. Thereafter, the options available for TracFone pay-as-you-go subscribers are as follow:-

The cards available for 60 minutes ($19.99), 120 minutes ($29.99), 200 minutes ($39.99) and 450 minutes ($79.99) all have an expiry period of 90 days. There are two prepaid pay-as-you-go plans available exclusively on the TracFone web site which offer 1000 minutes and 30 days of service for $149.99 and 1500 minutes over a year for $199.99, however all the above prepaid pay-as-you-go options can be enhanced by purchasing a “Double Minutes for Life” card ($19.99) which doubles the value of all future airtime refill cards and can bring the rate at which subscribers use their cellphones down to as low as $0.067/minute.

There are two further options that may appeal to prepaid pay-as-you-go subscribers who may only use their cellphones very infrequently or solely for emergencies. The “One Year” prepaid cards, include 400 airtime minutes, or 800 airtime minutes with future “double minutes” during the year, and cost $99.99 and $129.99 respectively.

Refills for all the above plans can be made from subscribers´ mobile phones once they are registered for the TracFone “Airtime on Demand” program, and all TracFone pay-as-you-go options include fre voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.

TracFone runs a unique domestic text messaging service, where rates vary according to the type of cellphone own by the subscriber. Generally it costs $0.30 to send or receive a message, although this can rise to $0.50/message depending on the style of cellphone. Media transmissions can be sent or received for the cost of “one unit” (approx $0.35) plus a charge for the data transmission, which like the web access facility costs 0.50 units per minute of browsing.

TracFone Value Plans

The prepaid Value Plans offered by TracFone Wireless represent some of the best options for prepaid cellphone subscribers of any service provider. From as little as $9.99/month subscribers receive a full month of service with 50 minutes of airtime. If the full 50 minute allocation is not used up, it automatically rolls over into the following month, or subscribers can top up using one of the additional minute bundles (at $0.20/minute) which can be purchased online.

For more frequent users, plans exist offering 125 minutes for $19.99/month and 200 minutes for $29.99/month. There is also a Family Value Plan which offers 50 minutes/month for $9.99 as above, but any additional cellphones (up to a maximum of 5) can be added for just $5.99/month – with each phone receiving an independent 40 minutes of airtime.

The “Double Minutes for Life” card can also be used on TracFone prepaid Value Plans, creating even greater value. TracFone Value Plans all require online registration, include voicemail, call waiting and caller ID and can be cancelled or amended at any time.

TracFone International Service

Long distance nationwide calling is included as standard on all TracFone prepaid plans, and the company also have a fantastic service for subscribers who wish to make overseas calls. International long distance calls are available to 60 countries at the same cost as they would be to make a call locally. Furthermore, the International Neighbours program allows family and friends in Mexico and Canada to call a local number and only the regular airtime is charged to subscribers´ accounts. There is also a Frequent Numbers speed dial service which enables subscribers to dial their overseas friends and family members without going through a complicated international dialling process.

As well as the generous offer of regular cost for international long distance dialling, TracFone do not charge (other than airtime) for 411 Directory Assistance and have toll-free customer support 24/7 plus instant help available through their web site. There are no roaming charges for TracFone subscribers using GSM cellphones, and all other devices are charged at double units for the duration of their call. A wide variety of compatible cellphones are available on the TracFone website from $9.99, some of which already include “Double Points for Life”.

Prepaid Cell Phones.net Rating. The TracFone prepaid cellphone service is one of the most comprehensive and least expensive available on the market. Regular cellphone users will find their services versatile and economic and TracFone have even included an option for minimal users. The value that can be gained from the incredible overseas call rates may not be of advantage to everyone, but which support for hi-tech devices just around the corner, TracFone gets the full five star rating.

24 Reviews for TracFone Wireless

  1. Alabama Slamma' Says:

    I didn’t know Tracfone had all these plans. I thought they only allowed you to buy by-the-minutes at a flat rate. My mom has been telling me to switch over so I could save some money and told me to do the research. She has been using Tracfone since February and really likes it. She told me she is saving $15 and the service is better than her old sprint phone. She also REALLY like her Razr. If I can find the Samsung slider, I will definitely consider switching over. Anyone know where I can pick one up? Btw, my reviews are from my mom.

  2. SimonC Says:

    @Alabama Slamma: The DMFL option is the best way to own and keep a phone active. ALWAYS have double minutes on any Tracfone you own. If you do that You will find they are one of the most economical ways to keep a phone in the States.
    Seriously, you can’t own a cell phone in the States for less than the $7 a Tracfone will cost you per month. And you won’t find any prepaid carrier with better nationwide coverage than them either.

  3. ViW Says:

    I have a DMFL LG220c and I love it. It is CDMA and gives me reception in rural areas as well as in the city. Easy to use, nice features, connects to web. Adding minutes is easy and you always know where you stand. I have been a tracfone user for over 7 years and they get better all the time. Even customer service is improving. Mostly the web has eliminated the need to contact CS and you can do everything you need from there. Definitely a great value!!!

  4. SundaysChild Says:

    Have used Tracfone since 2006 and bought one for my Dad in 2007. Pricing is exceptional and the equipment adequate, but they have the WORST customer service on the planet! My Dad lost his phone last summer, and it took five (5 REALLY!) months to get the rude, non-English speaking representatives to transfer the minutes from one phone to another, and we still lost more than 100 minutes in the process.

  5. martha Says:

    tracfone is a hit in my life too. got myself the t301g with double minutes for life, and the prepaid individual plan for $19.99 which gives me 125 minutes. that is plenty for me. i do not use my cellphone all that much, but with tracfone’s offer to make international calls at local rates, i guees i will have to increase the usage now, as it is so much cheaper than using the landline. i save as much as i can all year round to be able to go on a decent holiday once a year, and tracfone helps me to save huge. happy tracfone customer 5 stars from me

  6. willy Says:

    Oh the double minutes card is legit. It makes the phone so much more economical which is great cuz it saves me money. Like Simon said, you cannot really find any phone for $7 a month but tracfone serves it up all day.

  7. Joe B Says:

    I have had tracfone for years and years. Tracfone is for people like my wife and I who want a cell phone for low use and have a landline for normal calling. For low use, there are regular specials on the tracfone site for a phone and a 60 minute card for $20, including shipping. This gives you 5 months of service and 80 minutes. We have even got double minute phones for this price. You can also usually find a bonus code to get extra minutes for the 60 minute card. The biggest hassle with tracfone is if you live in a marginal cell area, such as I do. Then you have to call in and WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for an operator to activate your phone or transfer minutes to a new phone. The total cost for us has been about $6 each a month for service. If you are a heavy cell user, tracfone is NOT for you. If you want normal cell features such as voice mail, text messages or camera use beware that tracfone phones are spartan with many features crippled so that you have to pay to download a picture from your phone. Voice mail cannot be used except by the actual cell phone, so that costs you minutes as well. Text messages are also charged. Tracfone is only for people who use them sparingly and want basic service.

  8. panthers2 Says:

    I agree that the Tracfones are really good for those with low usage needs. That’s why I decided on getting one for my mom for Chanukkah. She just needs a phone for basic use like getting in touch with the family. I found the new Samsung T105G for $9.99. I can even spring for the 125 minutes value plan for $19.99. Since no contract is required and it’s really not that expensive, if she doesn’t like it it really won’t matter. But, I’m pretty sure she will be very happy.

  9. Julia Says:

    Wow! This is really useful info. I’m a Tracfone user already but didn’t know all about all the value plans that are available to me. I don’t use my phone all that much so Tracfone has been a sweet deal for me as it is, hopefully with this new info i’ll be able to make better use of it. :)

  10. rudie Says:

    Tracfone has definitely put me in control of my cell phone. I no longer get those scarey end of the month bills from my contract. Now I pay as I go and I only pay for the calls that I make – what a bonus

  11. bess Says:

    I wish I’d gone with Tracfone years ago instead of having a contract….I’d have a new car by now! The double minutes plan and free incoming texts have made a huge difference to my cell phone expenses and Tracfone is truly the most money saving deal out there!

  12. Tiffany Says:

    My tracfone is the best. It puts me in control with the pay as you go plan. I will never be bullied by phone companies again. This service is very empowering!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Great experience with Tracfone so far, saving a ton of money. I just pay for minutes as I need them, and it serves to keep my costs down a ton since I don’t really use my phone that often. I love not having a restricting contract.

  14. byrdy1236 Says:

    oh the tracfone is pretty cool except the for the price and minutes i was calling my mom and as soon as i heard her voicemail i pressed end and i looked how many seconds i used 2 call and it said one second and it cost me a flippin minute! and the txting prices r so stupid 30 seconds a txt! im glad i changed mine to a different prepaid plan.

  15. Funkey Frank Says:

    I like TracFone and they make it very easy and expensive to own and use a cell phone, especially if you don’t use it alot. Great deal.

  16. pdonaldson789 Says:

    Love tracfone! couldn’t be simpler to sign up renew your minutes online, it all costs a ton less than a contract phone ever cost me, and I feel like the service is actually BETTER which is a little wierd lol.

  17. joe Says:

    I have had a tracfone for about three years now,usually worked pretty good up until just recently.The customer support is NON existant.

  18. P. M. Blatt Says:

    How can anyone give their Customer Service any more
    than 1 star? They promised me a new SIM card on
    1/18/11 to be delivered in 5-7 days. It’s been 10
    and no new card. And their support staff is in the
    Philippines and hard to understand.

  19. bess Says:

    I save over $600.00 a year on Tracfone compared to when I had a contract which is a lot of money to me. The phones get better and better and now I have the Nokia6790 smart-phone which is so cool and I can access the web! I got the double minutes card which makes my calls even cheaper and all in all I’m a very happy TF user!

  20. Jerseymike Says:

    Tracfone is on point! Never had a bad tracfone incident. In my time with tracfone i have however experienced great service and great rates. Without tracfone i might be broke right now, not gonna lie lol.

  21. Jim Says:

    Decent reception, out-of-date phones, and the worst customer service ever. If everything works, you’re happy. If you have a problem, be prepared to be tortured. After over 5 years with them, I’m giving up. Can’t take being put on hold for hours to talk to a representative in India that knows nothing and can’t help you.

  22. Kelly Says:

    I used to be a net10 user. I was on the unlimited plan buy I dropped my phone in the pool and now I just switched to tracfone. The reception is the same and the price is cheaper!

  23. Suzanne Cahall Says:

    I have had Tracfone for years. I like it except that I seem to use the minutes up fast when I text. And the phones seem to have flaws. I wonder if one could get a new rather than reconditioned phone. I am on my third Tracfone. My first was very basic, but it worked well. My second was practically impossible to text on. My third and present one works, but the texting, again, does not work quite right, and it used to receive pictures and it quit receiving them. But it did come with double minutes, and the price was great. I have the value plan, and the past two months, the minutes did not come through automatically like they should, and I had to call customer service. Both times, the service representatives were helpful, and eventually solved the problem. The last time, they reprogrammed my phone, so it should not happen again.

  24. richardsnide5 Says:

    Love tracfone! It’s not a fancy option and it’s more suited to low-use or bargain users. but, ffor what it is, the signal strength is OUTSTANDING for the price, it’s like your stealing deluxe signal from a contract plan or something. Been great for me!

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